We kneaded with love and registered our falvours because we are OMG FOOD..
Our story began in Kahramanmaras in 1959 in a shop with the sweet smell of freshly baked pastries and patties. For years, we have left unforgettable tastes in our customers’ mouths with the flavours we have produced. While professionalizing in our business, we increased our number of qualified employees in our facility established in İzmir in 2011 to meet the growing demands and we continue our operations by making no concessions to “our perception of custom production”..

Under the supervision of our food engineers, we have been providing service for many chain restaurants and cafes, especially Turkish Armed Forces with our productions which are in compliance with the Turkish Food Codex Regulation and World Standards for years. Besides our domestic services, we also export our products of which reliability has been registered, especially to the United Arab Emirates.

Our company which has Halal, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and FDA certificates is regularly audited by accredited certification institutions, independent audit companies and Food Control Laboratories of Turkish Armed Forces. Apart from these audits, we also provide the necessary conditions in the stages of storage and logistics following our manufacturing process which is led by experts, keep records and cancel out all possibilities which may harm human health

As OMG Food we operate with amateur spirit and professional understanding because we prepare all our products with excitement, care and happiness as if for the first time...

OMG Food is an "OMG Group" company that has achieved significant success in different sectors at home and abroad. We have also crowned our professionalism with our Unart and Iceworld brands in our body. For these reasons, we are proud of contributing to the customer satisfaction of our business partners and the employment and economy of our country

Our Quality Certificates