• OMG Food at Ibatech Fair
    12th International Bread, Cake Machines, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Technology Fair The meeting point of the baked products sector; International Bread, Cake Machines, Ice Cream and Chocolate Technologies Fair IBATECH, will be held in Istanbul Expo Center CNR Expo between 12-15 April this year and will welcome domestic […]
  • Just tell us your dream and we will serve you our flavours which you cannot forget!
    We produce Bakery Products, Frozen Cakes, Baklava, Ice Cream, Cookies, Cakes and Biscuits in our facilities. In order to deliver our products to you without breaking the cold chain in the healthiest way, our production facilities are constantly controlled by our food engineers and temperature of our vehicles […]
  • Frozen, delicious flavours
    Demand for frozen products is increasing day by day due to the high cost of labour, the difficulty of achieving the standard shape and taste in each production and the complexity of the production process. If you do not have time or equipment to meet the demands, preferring […]